Artist Rebecca Ruegger

A decade ago Rebecca Ruegger set aside her career as an award winning illustrator to focus on creating a more personal vision.

Many of the artist’s figurative as well as three-dimensional artworks are allegorical reflections of her life experiences. “It is my hope that the viewer may find something in these narratives that relates to their own unique journey." For figurative works Ruegger makes use of watercolor, pastel and collage including found items such as paper, lace, and feathers.

Landscapes are produced either in watercolor with pastel or in delicate layers of oil. The understated and serene compositions provide Ruegger a way to convey gratitude for the natural beauty that surrounds her secluded home in Middle Tennessee. These impressions acknowledge the ever changing colors and atmospheres offered by the seasons in her part of the world.

Rebecca’s sculptures are crafted primarily of wood. These pieces also make use of a wide range of found items. “I am deeply influenced by the outdoor world that surrounds me here. Shaping the twisted and bent wood found with the help of my dog Max affords me an intrinsic way to connect to my environs.”

Ruegger has received the Grand Prize, People’s Choice Award and the Hawkins memorial prize for her work at the Central South Regional Art Competition. Additionally the Tennessee State Museum has acquired a painting as well as a sculpture for its permanent collection.

She is for the most part a self-taught artist.

Rebecca lives and works on the farm she shares with three dogs, and a cat in middle Tennessee.